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Injured ribs hurt like crazy

By: Shaun Murray | Apr 15, 2012

NFL player's helmet to my ribs is the only thing that I can think of to compare what I felt when I impacted the water yesterday.  No, wait.  An NFL player laying on the hood of a car doing 30, and then his helmet impacting me in the ribs.  I write this from bed b/c it hurts too much to move right now.

Just two weeks ago, we unveiled the Nautique G23 and it was going into action for the Nautique Wakegames.  For many riders, this would be their first ride behind it.  The response has been awesome from everyone who got to ride behind the G23.  The wake is massive, and clean which is why for the first time ever in a competition, 2 wake to wake 1080’s were done by riders.  First Harley Clifford and then Oli Derome made wakeboarding history.  I’ve been saying for the past month that the G23 will change what people thought was possible on a wakeboard, which I realize is a big claim, but it’s already happening in a short couple of weeks.

I had a good time riding in the quarter finals and made it to the semi’s by winning my heat.  Day 2 conditions were a bit windy which didn’t help me when I initiated my KGB quite a bit early and got hung up mid flip.  I saw the water coming for a split second and then it happened.  My ribs were slammed into my left lung and the pain began.  All I knew was that my ribs cracked and were pushing into my lungs and I was having trouble breathing.  Travis got the boat to me first, got me to the dock and waited for the ambulance while I was on the verge of passing out, either due to the pain or the lack of oxygen.

Some people noticed I threw on my Fox hat while I was being carted off to the ambulance.  No, that wasn't a sponsor move, my head was cold, not much hair:)

Two rounds of Xrays, one CT scan and multiple doctors to exam and keep an eye on me.  Punctured lungs and a lacerated spleen was what they were concerned about, but all showed up okay. 

Some fractured ribs are what the doc told me I was dealing with, but I don’t remember all the details since I was on some heavy pain meds. 

I’ve been lying low today and trying to keep as still as possible.  Just inching around in bed is a toll right now. 

 I've had an unreal amount of emails, texts and phone calls all wishing me the best and passing along prayers, so thank you to everyone.  Y'all are awesome!

Doing my best to not cough or laugh, so just drama movies for now:)




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    Negatives: For all of his progression as a [url=http://www.ravensofficialnfljersey.com/59-ARTHUR-BROWN-JERSEY]Purple Arthur Brown Authentic Jersey[/url] passer Locker still has a ways to go. His accuracy is inconsistent at times and he will miss high, miss low or not put the ball where he needs to on the throw. Some of that has to do with his footwork which is still developing, sometimes he will throw flat footed or off of his back foot which will hurt his accuracy. His pocket presence has improved over his time in Washington, but it could still get better in my estimation. Additionally, I am not overly impressed with Locker as a pocket passer. He is vastly more effective when he can get outside of the pocket, but when he's inside the pocket he doesn't seem to be as effective. His decision making has improved over his time at Washington, but he will still throw passes into double coverage and make poor decisions. At times I can explain them if his team is losing and he is just trying to make a play late in a game, but other times they will simply be poor throws he shouldn't have made.Sorry about the lull of posts lately, I am back and ready for scouting reports. Green report up tomorrow and my Justin [url=http://www.footballbillsshop.com/13-STEVE-JOHNSON-JERSEY]Youth Steve Johnson White Jersey[/url] Houston one up after that! I am also going through all of my Alabama games, so expect reports on Greg McElroy, Mark Ingram, Julio Jones, James Carpenter and Marcell Dareus soon! Hopefully you enjoyed my scouting report on Gabbert. He is [url=http://www.officialfootballsaints.com/80-JIMMY-GRAHAM-JERSEY]White Jimmy Graham Elite Jersey[/url] a really intriguing prospect. Green, Alabama, Andrew Luck, Arkansas, Atlanta Falcons, Blaine Gabbert, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Defensive End, First Round Pick, Georgia, Greg McElroy, Heisman Winner, Jake Locker, James Carpenter, Julio Jones, Justin Houston, Marcell Dareus, Mark Ingram, Matt Ryan, Missouri, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma, Outside Linebacker, Quarterback, Roll Tide, Running Back, Ryan Mallett, San Francisco 49ers, Stanford, Todd McShay, Washington, Wide ReceiverNegatives: Smith is a pretty raw prospect. He probably hasn't been playing at his listed weight of 280 and he really needs to get stronger, especially in the lower body. He will struggle to anchor against bull rushes at times even against smaller defensive ends. Getting stronger in the lower body will help him in the running game as well. His technique needs development also. His footwork seems to be fine in his kick slide, etc. though he doesn't always keep his feet driving as a run blocker. His initial punch in the run game and as a pass blocker is relatively ineffective and rarely, if ever, shocks the defender he is blocking. He will also struggle to sustain blocks because his technique is pretty raw and at times will just be getting in the way as a run blocker rather than blocking his defender and driving them out of the play.Overall: I like Locker as a prospect, and if his intangibles are as good as many people lead us to believe then it will be hard to doubt him as a prospect. If he gets drafted to a team with a quality QB coach who can help him develop further I think he will end up being a quality NFL QB. He has good arm strength, he has the ability to throw accurate passes but I am not sure he will ever be much more than a 58% completion guy in the NFL. That is solid, but nothing spectacular. [url=http://www.bearsnflofficialshop.com/17-ALSHON-JEFFERY-JERSEY]Limited Alshon Jeffery Nike Jersey[/url] His footwork needs improvement and that will help his accuracy and ball placement a bit, but at times his accuracy is just a little erratic which I am not sure will ever change. However, if he can continue to improve as a pocket passer over the next year or two that I think he will need to further develop then I think he could be an effective starter. Unlike last year when many were convinced he was a future 1 overall pick I do not think he is a future franchise QB. I think his ceiling would be developing into a true dualthreat QB in the NFL as a guy who can complete 58% of his passes, throw for 2,800+ yards, rush for 600700+ and get throw 20 TD's/10 INT's. That is his potential. The question is, will he ever get there? He needs some work going through his progressions though he has shown the [url=http://www.nflofficialpanthers.com/99-KAWANN-SHORT-JERSEY]White Kawann Short Authentic Jersey[/url] ability to do this as well, he needs to improve his footwork and he needs to continue to improve his pocket presence so he can buy time in the pocket without leaving the pocket. I think with a couple of years of development he could do that, but I don't think he will ever be a franchise QB.Projection: Top 15 Smith is allpotential and he won't contribute much, if anything, as a rookie, so his value will be limited from that standpoint but he [url=http://www.steelersnflofficialshop.com/97-CAMERON-HEYWARD-JERSEY]Elite Cameron Heyward Youth Jersey[/url] has such a great frame, long arms and amazing athleticism for the position. He should be the first LT off the board for this reason, potentially even in the top ten. The best way to describe Smith in my opinion is a guy with top 10 athleticism and 3rd/4th round technique. If his technique ever catches up with athleticism you will have an elite player on your hands, but you never know if that will happen.Positives: First and foremost you notice his frame which is great. He's tall and has a lot of room to add additional weight. The second thing you [url=http://www.officialchiefsfootball.com/80-ANTHONY-FASANO-JERSEY]Anthony Fasano Youth Jersey[/url] notice is how well he moves for someone that is listed at 280 pounds. He has a good first step, he can mirror just about anyone's speed rush due to his athleticism and he gets to the second level effortlessly. He should have no problem [url=http://www.officialfootballbuccaneers.com/59-MASON-FOSTER-JERSEY]White Mason Foster Youth Jersey[/url] mirroring even elite speed rushers in the NFL because of his effective kick slide and impressive lateral agility. His value will be highest as a pass blocker though he shows the ability to seal in the run game and also drive block smaller defenders. One thing to love about Smith is his upside, because with his athleticism he could be an elite LT in the NFL if he gets coached up and polished.Projection: Top 10. With Luck not declaring there is going to be a vacuum in the top 10 for teams looking for QB's. Luck wouldn't have made it out of the top three anyways, but I don't think I could spend a top 1015 pick on Locker right now, and I don't like Mallett much in the top 20 and some teams figure to be turned off by him from interviews based off of what I have heard. That makes Gabbert a prime candidate to leapfrog them all and come off the board first of all the QB's. [url=http://www.officialchiefsfootball.com/22-DEXTER-MCCLUSTER-JERSEY]Black Dexter McCluster Elite Jersey[/url] I don't think he warrants the 1 pick to Carolina, but I could definitely see Buffalo or the 49ers picking him in the top 10. He would get a top 15 grade from me, but thanks to the [url=http://www.nflofficiallions.com/94-ZIGGY-ANSAH-JERSEY]Womens Ziggy Ansah Blue Jersey[/url] lack of quality QB's in this class I think he has a great shot to go in the top 10. That makes his decision to declare this year look really smart in my opinion.Projection: Late 1st/Early 2nd: I don't know if I watched Jake Locker this year without seeing him last year if I would think he was a 1st round draft pick. He had a disappointing season this year, but when you watch him play you see obvious ability and talent, but it isn't very consistent. Locker's work ethic and intangibles will be critical in projecting him to the NFL, but if he has the work ethic and drive to improve these things then he could be an effective dualthreat QB in the NFL. However, his underwhelming Senior season combined with his potential learning/developmental curve when it comes to adjusting to the NFL may drop him out of the top 15 selections on draft day.Negatives: I hate the offense he plays in. It isn't even close to a NFL offense. I kept track of how often he was working with four and five wide receiver sets and in the games I watched I would say it was at least 80 if not 90% of the time. That is one of my biggest problems with him as a prospect. He will have to work on his footwork on his drops because he rarely if ever made a three or five step drop from under center. That can be coached up though. I am not sure how well he reads defenses because a lot of his reads involve him simply looking at one side of the field and then throwing the ball. He isn't usually asked to scan the field or go through a lot of progressions. How well he does in the NFL will have to do with how well he learns to use his eyes and how hard he works to learn how to read defenses better, etc. So the offense he plays in definitely makes me wary of [url=http://www.officialfootballcardinals.com/58-DARYL-WASHINGTON-JERSEY]Nike Daryl Washington Limited Jersey[/url] him as a prospect. I have a couple other red flags that came up when I watched him. One is his trouble with pocket poise at times. As I said earlier I think he has gotten better in this department, but he still has work to do in my opinion. I would say the majority of the times that he scrambles he is leaving the pocket prematurely, meaning he could have stayed in the pocket or stepped up if he needed to buy more time. That is something I would like to see him improve on, but as I said he flashed the ability to do this more as the season progressed which is encouraging. He also struggles with deep balls. This might sound simple, but the vast majority of his deep passes end up incomplete because he overthrows his receivers. This might have something to do with all of his receivers running 4.5's or slower (in my estimation) but he should still know to take a little off of it or put a little more air under it to let them run under it after playing with them for two years. But his deep passes, at least [url=http://www.nflofficialjets.com/10-SANTONIO-HOLMES-JERSEY]Nike Santonio Holmes Jets Jersey[/url] in the five games I saw of him, were really the only passes that he struggled to throw accurately with any kind of consistency. Perhaps this won't be as big of a deal with faster receivers, but not everyone on the team is going to be a burner, so it is worth mentioning that he struggles with ball placement on his deep passes. And, while minor, I think he needs some work on squaring his shoulders when scrambling and attempting to throw on the run. He is pretty good at throwing [url=http://www.nflofficialdolphins.com/9-CALEB-STURGIS-JERSEY]Caleb Sturgis Authentic Jersey[/url] on the run when moving to the right as he is right handed, but he struggles much more in this area when moving to his left. An additional concern I have is how well he will transition to the NFL because he won't be throwing the ball as often as he did in college on a regular basis. I don't think it will be a serious issue, but I wonder how well he will be able to get into a rhythm without throwing the ball as often as he did in college. I'm sure he would trade a chunk of his passing attempts for a more consistent and effective running game though, so this might just be me overthinking things.Positives: Great size, arm strength and accuracy. Has solid mobility and while he might not look graceful as a runner once he gets going he can really pick up a lot of yardage. He has solid vision too and has a good feel for when he should just tuck it down and take off. He has plenty of zip on his throws to make passes from the left hash to the right sideline without a problem, and he can make just about any throw. He has overall terrific ball placement and does a great job of leading his receivers, even against good man coverage, to give them plenty of opportunities for yards after the catch. He has shown flashes of the ability to anticipate his receivers coming open and I have seen him throw a few of his receivers open, but his offense isn't necessarily conducive to that. He does a [url=http://www.officialfootballbuccaneers.com/24-DARRELLE-REVIS-JERSEY]Nike Darrelle Revis Pink Jersey[/url] good job throwing against man coverage and zone coverage alike because of his accuracy. He can carve up zone coverage with ease and does a great job of combining arm strength, accuracy, timing and [url=http://www.nflofficialpanthers.com/93-CHASE-BLACKBURN-JERSEY]Limited Chase Blackburn Pink Jersey[/url] touch to throw passes down the seam or down the sideline inbetween two defenders for impressive completions. As I said before he is accurate enough to complete passes to his receivers even against blanket man coverage because of his ball placement. He has shown some signs of pocket poise and he has a solid feel for when pressure gets there. I think he progressed in this area as the season went on because he looked better in this aspect against Iowa than he did in all of the previous games I watched him in. And even when he scrambles or moves in the pocket he does a terrific job of [url=http://www.falconsfootballprostore.com/11-JULIO-JONES-JERSEY]Falcons Julio Jones Pink Jersey[/url] resetting his feet and delivering throws with good footwork and mechanics. He has a quick release and he does a great job going from not being set to throw to setting his feet and delivering the ball. He seems to throw better on the run when rolling to his right than he does when he is rolling to his left. He also makes good decisions a lot of the time he throws the ball, which might sound simple, but he throws the ball a lot in his offense and thanks to a largely inconsistent running game he ends up in 3rd and longs more than most QB's I have scouted this year. However he consistently delivers good passes after making a good decision on where to go with the ball. And if there isn't a good place to throw the ball he will extend the play and 90% of the time he will throw it away instead of forcing a pass into coverage. That maturity to throw the ball away and not risk a costly turnover is one of the more impressive things about him as a prospect in my opinion.First Round [url=http://www.officialeaglesfootball.com/87-BRENT-CELEK-JERSEY]Pink Brent Celek Womens Jersey[/url] PickI worry about the offense Gabbert played in, but I believe that if you have good enough intangibles you can overcome a lack of experience in a prostyle offense. We will see if Gabbert proves me right.Overall: Smith is a really intriguing prospect, but I can't say I am super high on him. He has tons of ability, but you have to wonder why he didn't end up the starter at LT given his incredible athletic ability that is perfectly suited for the LT position. He was suspended for the bowl game last season because of academic issues and my gut is telling me that he is a guy who has been coasting on his insane athleticism for a long time, so I wonder how good his work ethic is. If his work ethic is good and he goes to a team with a quality offensive line coach he could get a lot better during his first couple of seasons in the league and potentially develop into an elite left tackle in the NFL. But if his work ethic isn't what it should be then he probably won't put on as much weight as he should, he probably won't work to polish his footwork, improve his initial punch and develop his technique and hand placement. If that is the case then he will never live up to his insane potential given his amazing athleticism. And when I say amazing I mean amazing. I have watched him mirror a blitzing corner coming off the edge more than once, which is really a sight to behold. Especially from a right tackle which is what he played at USC.Overall: The mark of an effective or even great QB involves a few things: Winning, being effective in the red zone and making big throws late in halves, games and on 3rd downs. Gabbert won a lot of games for just being a two year starter, including an upset of then 1 Oklahoma this season. He is efficient in the red zone despite having almost no running game to keep the defense honest and he makes a lot of good throws late in the half, late in games and especially on [url=http://www.officialfootballsaints.com/82-BENJAMIN-WATSON-JERSEY]Saints Benjamin Watson Nike Jersey[/url] 3rd downs. I have to say I was skeptical of Gabbert at first, especially because I am not a Todd McShay fan and he was high on Gabbert, but I was [url=http://www.officialfootballcardinals.com/21-PATRICK-PETERSON-JERSEY]Womens Patrick Peterson Pink Jersey[/url] really impressed with what I saw when I watched him play. I took 13 full pages of notes on him so I could learn everything I could about him since I hadn't seen him play much before, and he is now my 1 QB in this draft class because of Andrew Luck's decision to stay in school. I would have had him ranked in my top 10 prior to this but probably at about 5 or 6, I just never thought he would declare this year. Now that he has and I have watched him a lot I feel perfectly confident ranking him 1 on my 2011 QB rankings. It will be interesting to see how he adjusts to a NFL offense, and while I may be high on him there is no guarantee that the transition will go smoothly. But he has the size, the arm strength, the accuracy and the mechanics to be a successful NFL QB. I wish I could interview him to get a sense for his football IQ, but I think he has pretty good intangibles. I don't think they are on Matt Ryan's level, but I think they are adequate. If he has a good football IQ, good intangibles and a good work ethic like I think he does I think he will be a good starting QB in the NFL. Will he be great? I'm not sure. He has the tools to be a great QB, I just don't know enough about his intangibles and work ethic to say he has that kind of ceiling.SKILLS Positives: Locker has good size, very impressive mobility and athleticism, good arm strength and he has a good arm to put [url=http://www.nflofficialpanthers.com/76-GREG-HARDY-JERSEY]Greg Hardy Pink Jersey[/url] the ball where he needs to, has shown the ability to use touch appropriately when necessary. He has good zip on his throws, he has a clean throwing motion and is extremely effective when he can get outside the pocket. He throws well on the run and his mobility is very valuable as a runner and as a tool to extend plays to avoid pressure. He has shown some ability to feel pressure in the pocket and step up and buy time inside the pocket. He makes relatively good decisions with the ball and has shown the maturity to just throw the ball away if there is nothing there. Locker does appear to be effective and reliable late in games, he usually puts his team in a position to win late in games. He also a tough player and he will play hurt and finish runs by lowering his shoulder.
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    8 Stories Of Fraternities Doing [url=http://www.official49ersauthenticprostore.com/53-NAVORRO-BOWMAN-JERSEY]Limited NaVorro Bowman Jersey[/url] AwesomeHuffPost High School welcomes a lively, thoughtful debate in the [url=http://www.officialfootballcardinals.com/52-JASPER-BRINKLEY-JERSEY]Elite Jasper Brinkley Nike Jersey[/url] comment [url=http://www.officialraidersfootball.com/33-TYVON-BRANCH-JERSEY]Elite Tyvon Branch Grey Jersey[/url] section.Post CommentI don't know [url=http://www.officialfootballsaints.com/51-JONATHAN-VILMA-JERSEY]Nike Jonathan Vilma Womens Jersey[/url] the actual status of each [url=http://www.nflofficialbrowns.com/99-PAUL-KRUGER-JERSEY]Nike Paul Kruger Browns Jersey[/url] of these fraternities, but a quick search [url=http://www.nflofficialdolphins.com/11-MIKE-WALLACE-JERSEY]Elite Mike Wallace Dolphins Jersey[/url] revealed that Pi Kappa Phi is [url=http://www.officialtitansfootball.com/4-RYAN-FITZPATRICK-JERSEY]Pink Ryan Fitzpatrick Jersey[/url] [url=http://www.officialjaguarsfootball.com/76-LUKE-JOECKEL-JERSEY]Elite Luke Joeckel Nike Jersey[/url] [url=http://www.officialramsfootball.com/11-TAVON-AUSTIN-JERSEY]Rams Tavon Austin Nike Jersey[/url] the 8th largest fraternity in the country (excluding honorary/cultural), Lambda Chi Alpha is [url=http://www.nflofficialbrowns.com/51-BARKEVIOUS-MINGO-JERSEY]Nike Barkevious Mingo Elite Jersey[/url] 7th. This story also fails to mention that the Pi Kappa Phi charity [url=http://www.officialfootballsaints.com/9-DREW-BREES-JERSEY]Pink Drew Brees Game Jersey[/url] is owned and operated by the fraternity. It's not a cause they adopted, it's a cause they [url=http://www.officialcowboysfootball.com/29-DEMARCO-MURRAY-JERSEY]Limited DeMarco Murray Youth Jersey[/url] built from the bottom up, though, [url=http://www.nflofficiallions.com/55-STEPHEN-TULLOCH-JERSEY]Game Stephen Tulloch Kids Jersey[/url] obviously this article is focused on efforts of individual chapters of fraternities. Push America [url=http://www.falconsfootballprostore.com/39-STEVEN-JACKSON-JERSEY]Game Steven Jackson Black Jersey[/url] also includes summer time, crosscountry bike rides (see Journey of Hope), Push camps and Build America. It may come as a shock to you to know that not all campuses host every fraternity.I had a very good conversation with a friend about my fraternity at one point. She had a pretty low opinion of them [url=http://www.officialramsfootball.com/94-ROBERT-QUINN-JERSEY]Kids Robert Quinn Limited Jersey[/url] in general based on news stories and "things she'd heard." I asked her (she is black) if I would have an honest look at the average young black man if I based my entire stance on news stories and "things I'd heard."Young men do dumb things [url=http://www.officialeaglesfootball.com/6-ALEX-HENERY-JERSEY]Youth Alex Henery Eagles Jersey[/url] at a higher rate than older people. [url=http://www.nflofficialbrowns.com/51-BARKEVIOUS-MINGO-JERSEY]Orange Barkevious Mingo Authentic Jersey[/url] When those young men who do bad [url=http://www.seahawksonlineofficialshop.com/11-PERCY-HARVIN-JERSEY]Game Percy Harvin Nike Jersey[/url] are in an identifiable [url=http://www.coltsofficialproshop.com/87-REGGIE-WAYNE-JERSEY]Limited Reggie Wayne Jersey[/url] group it's easy to [url=http://www.coltsofficialproshop.com/30-LARON-LANDRY-JERSEY]White LaRon Landry Kids Jersey[/url] assume that the group is bad, not the individual doing the dumb thing.Good stuff. My baby brother was the president of his frat during his senior year. The president of the rival frat ended up stealing thousand of dollars from a memorial scholarship fund for the child of a fallen soldier, My brother was livid when he heard the news, especially when their small school threatened to shut down the few remaining fraternities on campus. In retaliation, my brother and his brothers went on to volunteer and raise 3 times the money that was stolen. And they still managed to wake up on Saturday mornings to run the school mascot (greyhounds they adopt) up and down the sidelines.
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    "It's a tremendous honor, but that's not our team goal," Harvin said Wednesday in a conference call with Minnesota reporters. Baltimore tackle Michael Oher was second with six votes."It was frustrating. It wasn't the first time it happened," Harvin said. "I knew I had to deal with them. We've got a solution to it now, so hopefully I won't have to deal with that no more, and look forward to being healthy.""With Percy, I'm surprised how it just carried over from college," Vikings tight end [url=http://www.vikingsofficialonline.com/16-MATT-CASSEL-JERSEY]Elite Matt Cassel Black Jersey[/url] Visanthe Shiancoe said. "Usually with rookies, it takes a little adjustment period. But this carried right over. Still playing at a high level.""I came in with an, 'I'm ready for anything, I'm expecting anything (attitude),' so nothing surprised me," Harvin said. "I'm pretty good on that end."His impact was immediate. [url=http://www.officialcowboysfootball.com/24-MORRIS-CLAIBORNE-JERSEY]Morris Claiborne White Jersey[/url] Harvin scored touchdowns in his first three games, two through the air and one on a 101yard kick return against San Francisco in Week 3.After he was drafted by the Vikings, he impressed with his willingness to speak openly about the failed drug test. And once he stepped on the field, it was clear [url=http://www.texansnflofficialstore.com/55-CHRIS-MYERS-JERSEY]Authenitc Chris Myers Nike Jersey[/url] Harvin [url=http://www.officialjaguarsfootball.com/21-JUSTIN-FORSETT-JERSEY]Nike Justin Forsett Elite Jersey[/url] was something special.The cocksure former Florida Gator never flinched at [url=http://www.vikingsofficialonline.com/15-GREG-JENNINGS-JERSEY]Kids Greg Jennings White Jersey[/url] the Minnesota Vikings' voluminous playbook, deftly made adjustments on the fly while running a route, and looked like a natural returning kickoffs for the first time in his career.Harvin visited [url=http://www.coltsofficialproshop.com/87-REGGIE-WAYNE-JERSEY]Blue Reggie Wayne Limited Jersey[/url] the noted Mayo Clinic in Rochester later last month and hasn't had a problem with them since.Harvin also fought through injuries in three seasons with the Gators, [url=http://www.nflofficialbrowns.com/51-BARKEVIOUS-MINGO-JERSEY]Barkevious Mingo Orange Jersey[/url] leading some to wonder if the 5foot11 burner could withstand the rigors of a full NFL season.The 22nd overall draft pick came into the league with plenty of question marks. He [url=http://www.broncosofficialprostore.com/80-JULIUS-THOMAS-JERSEY]Pink Julius Thomas Broncos Jersey[/url] tested positive for marijuana at the NFL scouting combine, a remarkable blunder that was behind his slide down the draft board."He's a nightmare for defenses and special teams coordinators," guard Artis Hicks said. "He's got a bright future. I knew he was going to be good, but it just surprises me that he's this good this quick. The sky is the limit for him."The biggest hurdle for Harvin to overcome in the NFL has been the onset of debilitating migraine headaches. He's dealt with the condition for much of his life, and [url=http://www.falconsfootballprostore.com/84-RODDY-WHITE-JERSEY]Red Roddy White Womens Jersey[/url] in December it got so bad he couldn't get out of bed, forcing him to miss a game."I think Percy's [url=http://www.texansnflofficialstore.com/23-ARIAN-FOSTER-JERSEY]Limited Arian Foster White Jersey[/url] on his way to a league of his own," Favre said. "He's quick like Wes Welker. He's got a long ways to go to be in the same category with Wes, [url=http://www.steelersnflofficialshop.com/7-BEN-ROETHLISBERGER-JERSEY]White Ben Roethlisberger Authentic Jersey[/url] but at the rate he's going he's a dominant force in a lot of ways."Harvin is the sixth Vikings player to [url=http://www.footballbillsshop.com/22-FRED-JACKSON-JERSEY]Black Fred Jackson Authentic Jersey[/url] win the award, joining Adrian Peterson, Randy Moss (1998), Sammy White (1976), Chuck Foreman (1973) and Paul Flatley (1963).He tied with the Colts' Austin Collie for most catches by a rookie and set Minnesota's singleseason franchise record for allpurpose yardage (2,081)."It's not intimidating. Football is always football," Harvin said. "As long as you're always learning and you know what you're doing . you'll be able to take care of business."Harvin identified quarterback Brett Favre and cornerback Antoine Winfield as two of [url=http://www.coltsofficialproshop.com/98-ROBERT-MATHIS-JERSEY]Colts Robert Mathis White Jersey[/url] the many teammates who helped him get comfortable Favre with his knowledge of the offense and Winfield for pointing out tendencies he saw in Harvin's routes from covering him in practice.Despite being 19 years younger than the quarterback slinging passes in his direction, Harvin [url=http://www.officialfootballcardinals.com/93-CALAIS-CAMPBELL-JERSEY]Kids Calais Campbell White Jersey[/url] quickly developed a chemistry with Favre. He was the first Vikings player Favre met when he [url=http://www.officialfootballsaints.com/22-MARK-INGRAM-JERSEY]Saints Mark Ingram Elite Jersey[/url] arrived at team headquarters on Aug. 19 and has emerged [url=http://www.officialfootballsaints.com/43-DARREN-SPROLES-JERSEY]Darren Sproles Pink Jersey[/url] as Favre's favorite target on third down.Harvin's unique combination of speed, intelligence and toughness made the transition from college to the pros startlingly smooth for the runaway winner of The Associated Press 2009 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award.The Vikings (124) sure need him. They [url=http://www.officialfootballsaints.com/32-KENNY-VACCARO-JERSEY]Game Kenny Vaccaro Womens Jersey[/url] are a different team with the versatile Harvin returning kicks, catching passes and taking handoffs. His dynamic rookie season helped the Vikings earn a firstround bye in the NFC playoffs and ensured opposing defenses have more to worry about than Favre and Peterson.Also receiving votes this season were Philadelphia receiver Jeremy Maclin, Denver running back Knowshon Moreno, and Pittsburgh receiver Mike Wallace, each [url=http://www.ravensofficialnfljersey.com/44-VONTA-LEACH-JERSEY]Limited Vonta Leach Womens Jersey[/url] with one.Harvin, who was also [url=http://www.officialjaguarsfootball.com/76-LUKE-JOECKEL-JERSEY]Womens Luke Joeckel Jaguars Jersey[/url] added to the Pro Bowl roster earlier this week, had 60 receptions for 790 yards and six [url=http://www.officialchargersfootball.com/32-ERIC-WEDDLE-JERSEY]Nike Eric Weddle Blue Jersey[/url] touchdowns; rushed 15 times for 135 yards; took back 42 kickoffs for 1,156 yards (27.5 yards per return) and two touchdowns, one covering 101 yards.NFL Offensive Rookie Of The Year Award Winner
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    "Regularseason game, I think this is [url=http://www.officialramsfootball.com/77-JAKE-LONG-JERSEY]Game Jake Long Pink Jersey[/url] the best," said Stokley, who was a teammate of Manning's with the Colts. "The second half was unbelievable. We needed to win bigtime and to perform like he did, it was awesome."Denver then sacked Rivers to force a punt and Manning capped the next drive [url=http://www.bearsnflofficialshop.com/99-DAN-HAMPTON-JERSEY]White Shea McClellin Game Jersey[/url] with a 7yard touchdown pass to Eric Decker to pull to 2421.Both teams head into their bye week.Manning was 13 of 14 for 167 yards in the second half for the Broncos (33) who tied the Chargers (33) atop the AFC West.Rivers was intercepted four times three in the fourth quarter and lost two fumbles. The four pickoffs and six turnovers were both career highs.On the ensuing San Diego possession, Elvis Dumervil stripped the ball [url=http://www.officialchiefsfootball.com/17-DONNIE-AVERY-JERSEY]Red Donnie Avery Womens Jersey[/url] from Rivers and Carter ran 65 yards for a touchdown, holding up the ball in celebration as he approached the end zone.Manning began the comeback when he hit Demaryius Thomas on a 29yard touchdown pass on the opening drive of the second [url=http://www.officialeaglesfootball.com/2-MATT-BARKLEY-JERSEY]Limited Matt Barkley Pink Jersey[/url] half."We feel fortunate to be tied for first place in our division at 33," Manning said. "It's going to be a competitive division down the stretch. There are some things we can improve on and we'll use the bye week to do that."Peyton Manning Spurs Broncos' Comeback With 3 Touchdown Passes Against Chargers"It's bad," San Diego linebacker Takeo Spikes said. "Every adjective you can come up with as far as disappointment, it covers it."Manning threw three touchdown passes in the second half [url=http://www.nflofficialbrowns.com/18-GREG-LITTLE-JERSEY]Womens Greg Little Orange Jersey[/url] and Tony Carter and Chris Harris scored off turnovers by Philip Rivers as the Broncos overcame a [url=http://www.officialfootballcardinals.com/93-CALAIS-CAMPBELL-JERSEY]Cardinals Calais Campbell Black Jersey[/url] 240 halftime [url=http://www.giantsonlineprostore.com/27-STEVIE-BROWN-JERSEY]Nike Stevie Brown Blue Jersey[/url] deficit to shock the Chargers 3524 on Monday night."It sure was special considering what was on the line," said Manning, a Super Bowl winner and fourtime NFL MVP who's in his first season with the Broncos.Jammer intercepted Manning and returned it 80 yards for his first career touchdown, and Antonio Gates caught his second TD [url=http://www.giantsonlineprostore.com/96-JOHNATHAN-HANKINS-JERSEY]White Johnathan Hankins Youth Jersey[/url] pass of the game in the second quarter, extending the Chargers' lead to 240.Harris sealed the victory with a 46yard interception return for a touchdown with 2:05 [url=http://www.ravensofficialnfljersey.com/58-ELVIS-DUMERVIL-JERSEY]Youth Elvis Dumervil White Jersey[/url] [url=http://www.nflofficialjets.com/7-GENO-SMITH-JERSEY]Elite Geno Smith Youth Jersey[/url] left. It was his second pick of the game."We came out in the second half, everybody was accountable and professional," he said. "We had 30 minutes and I thought it was important to get off to a good start with that first drive. Hitting DT for the touchdown really set the tempo for the second half."The Broncos seemed finished after an [url=http://www.coltsofficialproshop.com/31-DONALD-BROWN-JERSEY]Womens Donald Brown Jersey[/url] awful first half in which Manning served up an 80yard interception return for a touchdown by Quentin Jammer and two special teams fumbles led to 10 points for the Chargers.It tied for the fourthbiggest regularseason comeback in NFL history.Manning had been 15 in his last six games against San Diego, all with Indianapolis.Manning's 21yard touchdown pass [url=http://www.footballbillsshop.com/99-MARCELL-DAREUS-JERSEY]Marcell Dareus Bills Jersey[/url] to Brandon Stokley gave Denver its first lead of the game, 2824 with 9:03 left. Stokley outleaped defensive back Marcus Gilchrist [url=http://www.ravensofficialnfljersey.com/44-VONTA-LEACH-JERSEY]White Vonta Leach Limited Jersey[/url] to catch the ball, and then got both feet down before tumbling out of the end zone.Fox said there "were no mystery words of wisdom at halftime. "Given [url=http://www.officialraidersfootball.com/20-DARREN-MCFADDEN-JERSEY]White Darren McFadden Limited Jersey[/url] how poorly we played in [url=http://www.officialchargersfootball.com/94-COREY-LIUGET-JERSEY]Navy Corey Liuget Game Jersey[/url] the first half, we just said we could play better in the second half and we broke [url=http://www.falconsfootballprostore.com/50-OSI-UMENYIORA-JERSEY]Kids Osi Umenyiora Falcons Jersey[/url] out of it."As for Manning, "He's real high on my list," the coach said. "He performed very well and [url=http://www.broncosofficialprostore.com/24-CHAMP-BAILEY-JERSEY]Broncos Champ Bailey Game Jersey[/url] has performed well in the last four games. He's going to keep getting better and better.""When you lose it's rough, especially in a game where you had [url=http://www.falconsfootballprostore.com/28-THOMAS-DECOUD-JERSEY]Falcons Thomas DeCoud Black Jersey[/url] a big lead and so much at stake," Rivers said."This was [url=http://www.official49ersauthenticprostore.com/32-KENDALL-HUNTER-JERSEY]Nike Kendall Hunter Elite Jersey[/url] as good a second half of football as I've been involved in," Broncos coach John Fox said.Manning finished 24 of 30 for 309 [url=http://www.officialfootballbuccaneers.com/9-MICHAEL-KOENEN-JERSEY]Kids Michael Koenen Buccaneers Jersey[/url] yards with one interception.That score was set up by Carter's interception.On the flip side, the San Diego Chargers were saddled with an enormous collapse."I thought we had a good plan. It was so disappointing to have these special team mistakes," Manning said.A week earlier, the Chargers blew a 10point lead in the third quarter in a 3124 loss at New Orleans.
  445. 445 PlelesafereiZ 15 Oct
    The split won disrupt ownership or franchise operations, the Luries told employees [url=http://www.steelersnflofficialshop.com/88-EMMANUEL-SANDERS-JERSEY]Black Emmanuel Sanders Youth Jersey[/url] in a letter obtained by The Philadelphia Inquirer .And it would be hard to keep up with uniforms that would change constantly.Editors Note: If you want to vote in the poll, click on the poll link above. You'll be taken to their website.Dirk Koetter, the Atlanta offensive coordinator, is going to be a hot name if the Falcons success holds up into the playoffs. He 53, has been a college head [url=http://www.officialchargersfootball.com/17-PHILIP-RIVERS-JERSEY]Pink Philip Rivers Kids Jersey[/url] [url=http://www.packersofficialprostore.com/38-TRAMON-WILLIAMS-JERSEY]Kids Tramon Williams Green Jersey[/url] coach, unlike Zimmer, who is a career assistant.More seriously, Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer is not a bright YOUNG man he my age, 56 but Zimmer, the longtime Cowboys dcoordinator, sure knows defense.Besides, Kelly is the guy who, when a disgruntled Ducks fan wrote him demanding a refund for traveling to a loss at Boise State, sent the guy a check for $439. The Eagles have a much larger, more critical fan base. I see looming bankruptcy for Chip [url=http://www.footballbillsshop.com/10-ROBERT-WOODS-JERSEY]Authentic Robert Woods Womens Jersey[/url] if he comes here.The guy that everybody is talking about, in regard to every potential NFL coaching vacancy, is Oregon coach Chip Kelly, who certainly is a successful innovator. I am leery. Kelly has never spent a minute in the NFL, as a player or coach. "Pure" college coaches have been really, really unsuccessful in the NFL lately Steve Spurrier, Nick Saban, Bobby Petrino. Yes, Jim Harbaugh and Greg Schiano have been good hires, but both had strong NFL backgrounds, which they took to college coaching, before returning to the NFL.This last point is something too [url=http://www.coltsofficialproshop.com/34-TRENT-RICHARDSON-JERSEY]Nike Trent Richardson Youth Jersey[/url] few people in the [url=http://www.ravensofficialnfljersey.com/88-DENNIS-PITTA-JERSEY]Game Dennis Pitta Nike Jersey[/url] fan base seem to understand. The objective here is not to hire somebody who will give us entertaining press conferences, or somebody who once beat the Eagles in an important game.Andy Reid and Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin meet at the end of the game.Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid, right, stands on [url=http://www.bengalsofficialonline.com/93-MICHAEL-JOHNSON-JERSEY]Limited Michael Johnson Nike Jersey[/url] the field as sign shows a photo of his son Garrett Reid, who died Sunday, before an NFL preseason football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday, Aug. 9, 2012, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)EDITORS NOTE: More than likely, if you're reading this post you are either somebody's son or you have a son of your own. Understandably, there is a lot of jabbing and posturing about other NFL teams here, particularly against our NFC East foes. However, there are times when the gloves need to come off. Especially with an issue as personally devastating as this. I hope you'll join me in wishing Andy Reid and his family the best as they work through this difficult time.But really, the hottest guys will be the top assistants on the teams that get to the Super Bowl. That game will be played more than a month after the Eagles season concludes. (I assuming, [url=http://www.bengalsofficialonline.com/27-DRE-KIRKPATRICK-JERSEY]Youth Dre Kirkpatrick Bengals Jersey[/url] I think safely, there will be no Andyjobsaving run into the playoffs).Courtesy: Les Bowen Philadelphia Daily NewsAndy Reid was [url=http://www.bearsnflofficialshop.com/23-DEVIN-HESTER-JERSEY]Limited Devin Hester Bears Jersey[/url] back on the sideline for a walkthrough Wednesday and plans to coach the preseason opener against Pittsburgh tonight at Lincoln Financial Field.I pretty sure Lurie and Roseman will go for a "bright young man" type. Of course, that has its risks, too. A lot of those guys look less bright, once they in charge. See Steve Spagnuolo, Todd Haley, Ron Rivera, Tony Sparano, etc.Head coach Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles talks with Ben Roethlisberger 7 of the Pittsburgh Steelers before a preseason game at Lincoln Financial [url=http://www.seahawksonlineofficialshop.com/60-MAX-UNGER-JERSEY]White Max Unger Limited Jersey[/url] Field on August 9, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)One caveat: I make an exception for Sean Payton, who would be available under unique circumstances that might make him different from the other retreads. But I really don think Payton is leaving New Orleans, and if he does, [url=http://www.footballbillsshop.com/4-KEVIN-KOLB-JERSEY]Bills Kevin Kolb Pink Jersey[/url] he has strong ties to Dallas.I be really surprised if the choice is some guy who won a Super Bowl elsewhere Jon Gruden, Brian Billick, even Bill Cowher, who tends to be more highly regarded than Gruden or Billick in NFL circles. A couple of reasons there: 1. Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman think of themselves as bold, innovative people; they are unlikely to settle for trying to recreate what someone did somewhere else, and more important, 2. IT NEVER WORKS. How many coaches have won a Super Bowl somewhere, then gone somewhere else and won another? The [url=http://www.officialramsfootball.com/8-SAM-BRADFORD-JERSEY]Authentic Sam Bradford Navy Jersey[/url] answer is nobody, never, ever. Not Vince Lombardi, not Bill Parcells, not Mike Holmgren, who came closest, not Mike Shanahan.Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick [url=http://www.broncosofficialprostore.com/58-VON-MILLER-JERSEY]Elite Von Miller Jersey[/url] and coach Andy Reid stand on the sideline during a moment of silence for [url=http://www.coltsofficialproshop.com/87-REGGIE-WAYNE-JERSEY]Pink Reggie Wayne Kids Jersey[/url] Reid son Garrett"You feel the strength of the team," Reid said when asked why he came back so soon. "I felt it with my family the past couple of days, and I feel it with the team. I a football coach, that what I do, and I know my [url=http://www.officialtitansfootball.com/82-DELANIE-WALKER-JERSEY]Game Delanie Walker Navy Jersey[/url] son wouldn [url=http://www.officialjaguarsfootball.com/93-TYSON-ALUALU-JERSEY]Womens Tyson Alualu Jersey[/url] want it any other way."Philadelphia Daily NewsWill the Eagles have hired a coach by then? As somebody who going to have to cover this, I think that would be nice, but it unlikely. I would anticipate a [url=http://www.officialeaglesfootball.com/55-BRANDON-GRAHAM-JERSEY]Brandon Graham Nike Jersey[/url] meticulous search, with Lurie and Roseman seeking advice from people they know across the league, weighing variables, holding multiple interviews. One goal here is to go another 14 years without having to do this. There is [url=http://www.nflofficialdolphins.com/95-DION-JORDAN-JERSEY]Green Dion Jordan Game Jersey[/url] no need to rush.It also [url=http://www.nflofficiallions.com/2-DAVID-AKERS-JERSEY]Womens David Akers Blue Jersey[/url] might be relevant that Roseman agent is Bob LaMonte, Reid agent, and the guy who sometimes seems to orchestrate NFL coaching moves. Jon Gruden is a LaMonte client, as is his brother Jay, the Bengals offensive coordinator.Like everybody else, I trying to think about [url=http://www.nflofficialjets.com/96-MUHAMMAD-WILKERSON-JERSEY]Pink Muhammad Wilkerson Youth Jersey[/url] what the Eagles might do when this disappointing season ends and Andy Reid 14year coaching tenure presumably ends.
  446. 446 Occavizwari 15 Oct
    Dallas Cowboys Roster movesAccording to multiple reports, [url=http://www.officialfootballsaints.com/16-LANCE-MOORE-JERSEY]Game Lance Moore Youth Jersey[/url] the club worked out Brian Waters on Tuesday and are in [url=http://www.officialchiefsfootball.com/25-JAMAAL-CHARLES-JERSEY]White Jamaal Charles Nike Jersey[/url] the process of working out a deal for the veteran guard. [url=http://www.officialfootballbuccaneers.com/59-MASON-FOSTER-JERSEY]Limited Mason Foster Youth Jersey[/url] In fact, some reports are suggesting the deal is done.The 36yearold veteran, who last played in 2011 with the Patriots, [url=http://www.officialfootballsaints.com/82-BENJAMIN-WATSON-JERSEY]Game Benjamin Watson Nike Jersey[/url] likely [url=http://www.seahawksonlineofficialshop.com/25-RICHARD-SHERMAN-JERSEY]Nike Richard Sherman Pink Jersey[/url] would not be ready to play this Sunday against [url=http://www.nflofficialpanthers.com/87-DOMENIK-HIXON-JERSEY]Elite Domenik Hixon Panthers Jersey[/url] the Giants. However, it's more realistic he would get himself ready to play in Week 2 against in [url=http://www.officialpatriotsnfl.com/85-KENBRELL-THOMPKINS-JERSEY]Youth Kenbrell Thompkins White Jersey[/url] Kansas City, where [url=http://www.steelersnflofficialshop.com/7-BEN-ROETHLISBERGER-JERSEY]Kids Ben Roethlisberger Black Jersey[/url] he spent the [url=http://www.nflofficialdolphins.com/17-RYAN-TANNEHILL-JERSEY]Pink Ryan Tannehill Youth Jersey[/url] first 10 years [url=http://www.steelersnflofficialshop.com/24-IKE-TAYLOR-JERSEY]Pink Ike Taylor Authentic Jersey[/url] of his career.If signed, Waters would likely replace Bernadeau, who would then move to a versatile backup role at both guard and center.Waters [url=http://www.officialfootballbuccaneers.com/9-MICHAEL-KOENEN-JERSEY]Buccaneers Michael Koenen Orange Jersey[/url] is a sixtime Pro Bowler, making five with the Chiefs and one with [url=http://www.nflofficiallions.com/9-MATTHEW-STAFFORD-JERSEY]Elite Matthew Stafford Nike Jersey[/url] New England.As of Tuesday evening, the Cowboys have not confirmed [url=http://www.footballbillsshop.com/50-KIKO-ALONSO-JERSEY]Blue Kiko Alonso Jersey[/url] Waters worked [url=http://www.officialcowboysfootball.com/39-BRANDON-CARR-JERSEY]Womens Brandon Carr Navy Jersey[/url] out, much less agreed to a deal.Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett speaks to the media as his team continues their preparation for opening night [url=http://www.vikingsofficialonline.com/95-SHARRIF-FLOYD-JERSEY]Game Sharrif Floyd Youth Jersey[/url] with the New York Giants at AT Stadium. [url=http://www.nflofficiallions.com/85-TONY-SCHEFFLER-JERSEY]Game Tony Scheffler Blue Jersey[/url] Garrett discussed:Rayford had five sacks for the Colts, not only leading the team, but all NFL players in the preseason.The Cowboys remain confident Ron Leary will be ready to start Sunday's game with the Giants at left guard. Mackenzy Bernadeau is expected to start at right [url=http://www.texansnflofficialstore.com/55-CHRIS-MYERS-JERSEY]White Chris Myers Nike Jersey[/url] guard.The Cowboys have sent a late round (undisclosed) draft [url=http://www.nflofficialjets.com/26-DAWAN-LANDRY-JERSEY]Elite Dawan Landry White Jersey[/url] pick to Indy in exchange for the undrafted rookie, [url=http://www.redskinsonlineproshop.com/23-DEANGELO-HALL-JERSEY]Nike DeAngelo Hall Redskins Jersey[/url] who started out with the Redskins before joining the Colts [url=http://www.redskinsonlineproshop.com/15-JOSH-MORGAN-JERSEY]Authentic Josh Morgan Womens Jersey[/url] in May. Rayford made their roster, only to be sent to the Cowboys three days later.
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    "The tenure review process at Pomona is designed to be both exhaustive and fair. However, since this [url=http://www.nflofficiallions.com/27-GLOVER-QUIN-JERSEY]Blue Glover Quin Jersey[/url] matter is now under litigation and involves private information about a former employee, we cannot comment further."According to the college, [url=http://www.officialramsfootball.com/11-TAVON-AUSTIN-JERSEY]White Tavon Austin Jersey[/url] 30 percent of its faculty members are minorities and 44 percent are women.In her six years at Pomona, Martinez said, she had a stellar teaching and theaterdirecting career that should [url=http://www.broncosofficialprostore.com/45-DOMINIQUE-RODGERSCROMARTIE-JERSEY]Limited Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Pink Jersey[/url] have qualified her for a permanent tenured position. in Drama from Stanford University and a master's degree in acting from the University of Southern California.Born and raised in California to an Argentine mother and Italian father who was raised in Argentina. Sports runs through the Taurasi bloodline as her father, Mario, played professional soccer in Italy."I love teaching. [url=http://www.bearsnflofficialshop.com/6-JAY-CUTLER-JERSEY]Authentic Jay Cutler Pink Jersey[/url] I feel I'm good at it, and I want to be back in the classroom with my students."Martinez's film credits include "For Greater Glory," "Strike One," Zoot Suit", "Under Fire," "Born in East LA, Barbarosa" and "Crossing Over."Martinez, whose long resume of stage and film roles include the landmark play and film [url=http://www.coltsofficialproshop.com/31-DONALD-BROWN-JERSEY]White Donald Brown Womens Jersey[/url] "Zoot Suit," filed the wrongful termination lawsuit Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court with the help of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF)."I did all that was asked of me at Pomona College and in many cases I felt I did more," said Martinez, who [url=http://www.nflofficialbrowns.com/98-PHILLIP-TAYLOR-JERSEY]Youth Phillip Taylor Pink Jersey[/url] also maintains she helped expand enrollment in theater classes at Pomona and served as a mentor to many students.Andrew Keegan Actor Andrew Keegan, best known for his role as Joey Donner in "10 Things I Hate About You," may be the ultimate American 90s teen heartthrob, but Keegan actually has some Latino spunk in him. His mother is a Colombian hairdresser named Lana.Her last day was June 30, according to her suit.Alma Martinez wants to return to the classroom"When these students see wellqualified scholars denied tenure," he said, "it only discourages [url=http://www.giantsonlineprostore.com/22-DAVID-WILSON-JERSEY]David Wilson White Jersey[/url] their pursuit of a career in academia, perpetuating longstanding patterns of underrepresentation in university faculty."Alma Martinez, one of the most respected Latina actresses and teachers in Hollywood, is suing Pomona [url=http://www.seahawksonlineofficialshop.com/25-RICHARD-SHERMAN-JERSEY]Youth Richard Sherman Authentic Jersey[/url] College, alleging that she was denied tenure and dismissed because of discrimination against Latinos and women.Alma Martinez Sues Pomona College For Alleged DiscriminationMALDEF general counsel Thomas A. 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By moving Adrian Peterson into the starting position, it takes a key performer from the special teams unit, an area Garrett Wolfe has been pitching in on more and more lately.And if he couldn't do that, he'd have liked to have joined the Bears before 1996 when he was in the twilight of his career at 37. Spotted Sunday [url=http://www.footballcowboysstore.com/50_Sean_Lee_Authentic_Jersey.html]Youth Sean Lee Grey Jersey[/url] night at Lambeau Field, [url=http://www.nflofficialcardinals.com/11_Larry_Fitzgerald_Authentic_Jersey.html]Womens Larry Fitzgerald Red Jersey[/url] Krieg said he's well aware [url=http://www.panthersofficialnflshop.com/28_Jonathan_Stewart_Authentic_Jersey.html]Authentic Jonathan Stewart Jersey[/url] of the Bears' incessant issues at the [url=http://www.footballcowboysstore.com/9_Tony_Romo_Authentic_Jersey.html]Cowboys Tony Romo Game Jersey[/url] position. 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Not looking good for the Tigers who have given up 417 yards rushing and 503 yards total.Auburn has done a good job of containing Drake Nevis. He's been silent. Auburn DT Nick Fairly has four tackles, including 1.5 sacks. He sacked Jarrett Lee and knocked him out of the game late in the second quarter. Lee has a wrist injury but was back on the field before halftime after a trip to the lockerroom.15:00: LSU's offense keeps getting opportunities and can do nothing with them. Patrick Peterson returned a punt ot the Auburn 36yard line but a block in the back set LSU back to its 47. No matter, the tigers couldn't move it. Jarrett Lee fumbled a snap to mess up on play and Lee was woefully off target on a third down deep pass. It fell well short of the intended target. Auburn is on the move again at the Auburn 36 opn a drive which began at their own 1yard line.Again, LSU has Auburn backed up. 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[url=http://www.nflofficialcardinals.com/21_Patrick_Peterson_Authentic_Jersey.html]White Patrick Peterson Cardinals Jersey[/url] Coach Gene Chizik elected to go for it on fourth and 6 at the LSU 40 and Newton threw incomplete on a sideline throw. LSU has the ball in great field position. If Auburn punts, LSU would be pinned back at least at the 20. LSU doesn't look capable of driving 80 yards for a score today. Interesting call. All thetigers need is a field goal to win and they have a good kicker.12:16: Lucky Les Miles reaches into his trick bag and voila', it's tied at 17. Josh Byanes was defending Randle but couldn't get back fast enough and never looked back for the ball.The defeat was the first of the season for LSU (71, 41) while Auburn stayed unbeaten through eight games and is now alone at the top of the SEC West standings with a 50 record.Newton got Auburn out of a hole with a 29yard run on a quarterback draw, with four wide receivers spreading the LSU defense out. He is really difficult to defend. However, LSU is miussing a lot of tackles. They missed three on a 15yard run by Mario Fannin.LSU had to survive a Hail [url=http://www.footballraidersstore.com/94_Kevin_Burnett_Authentic_Jersey.html]Youth Kevin Burnett Raiders Jersey[/url] Mary pass to the end zone [url=http://www.nflofficialcardinals.com/98_Frostee_Rucker_Authentic_Jersey.html]Limited Frostee Rucker Red Jersey[/url] on the final play of [url=http://www.nflofficialtitans.com/13_Kendall_Wright_Authentic_Jersey.html]Kendall Wright Elite Jersey[/url] the half but is in good position, tied at 10. LSU's defense forced a threeandout by the home team on the first possession, but Auburn began moving the ball much better. Usually reliable Wes Byrum missed a 39yard field goal or Auburn would be leading.:48: LSU is threatening to tie thanks to Jefferson. He scrambled for 16 yards on third and 16 and then hit Terrence Toliver for 12 and Richard Murphy for 3. Auburn called timeout with LSU at the 9 and a second down and 7. Toliver dropped another pass on play before Jefferson's run which he may have scored on. Jefferson scrambled out of trouble and Toliver was wide open at the 12yard line but tried to run before he caught it.8:08: Tight end Deangelo Peterson dropped an easy pass which would have given LSU a first down inside the Auburn 30 on a second down play. Jarett Lee was sacked for a 10yard loss on the next play. LSU receivers are an overrated bunch. Way too many drops, already three today. Doesn't matter who the quarterback is if you are dropping clutch passes.10:55: Injury timeout, Pep Levingston is going off the field. LSU has bent but [url=http://www.nflofficialjaguars.com/32_Maurice_Jonesdrew_Authentic_Jersey.html]Limited Maurice Jones-Drew Nike Jersey[/url] not broken and the Tigers are in the ball game. Auburn is muscling up. The Auburn oline has pushed LSU around quite a bit unlike any other team. 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Two sideline throws, both so far off target the receivers can't even get a hand on them. LSU's offensive line is getting beaten by the Auburn defensive front.9:28: Another three and out by the LSU offense, but Jarrett Lee is back [url=http://www.footballcowboysstore.com/82_Jason_Witten_Authentic_Jersey.html]Kids Jason Witten Pink Jersey[/url] in the game. He made a poor throw to Russel Shepard for a 6yard gain, but Shepard had to go to his knnes for it. Michael Ford lost 2 yards on a sweep and the play was a disaster from the start. it wasted a nice 33yard kickoff return by Patrick Peterson to put the ball at the LSU 44.LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson was his team's top offensive threat. He rushed for 74 yards and a touchdown [url=http://www.officialsaintsfootball.com/32_Kenny_Vaccaro_Authentic_Jersey.html]Game Kenny Vaccaro Youth Jersey[/url] on 16 carries, but threw a crucial interception that killed LSU's first drive of the game in Auburn territory. 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Auburn was threatening to drive 99 yards for a touchdown, but LSU stopped them at the LSU 22 and forced a 39yard field goal attempt. Wes Byrum's kick was wide left and LSU has [url=http://www.nflofficialtitans.com/31_Bernard_Pollard_Authentic_Jersey.html]Pink Bernard Pollard Titans Jersey[/url] the ball at its own 22.LSU may go with Jordan Jefferson on this series. He's [url=http://www.dolphinsofficialnfl.com/10_Brandon_Gibson_Authentic_Jersey.html]Brandon Gibson Green Jersey[/url] had the better of it [url=http://www.nflofficialcardinals.com/61_Jonathan_Cooper_Authentic_Jersey.html]Kids Jonathan Cooper Red Jersey[/url] today.13:29: LSU defense comes up with a stop but just barely. Newton made a great run, escaped a huge sack by Ken Adams, got away from Drake Nevis and was finally brought down by Kelvin Sheppard for a 6yard loss. LSU starting at the 50yard line.Auburn is doing a good job of keeping Drake Nevis and Kelvin Sheppard out of the play. Sheppard was blocked out by an offensive lineman on the 30yard run by Dyer. The Tigers are missing some tackles too.Auburn quarterback Cam Newton made mincemeat of LSU's No. 1 ranked defense [url=http://www.buccaneersofficialonline.com/54_Lavonte_David_Authentic_Jersey.html]Nike Lavonte David Pink Jersey[/url] in the SEC. He rushed for 217 yards and two touchdowns on 28 carries as LSU struggled to bring him down all day. Auburn totaled 440 yards rushing and 526 yards overall on 68 plays.3:27: LSU fails on fourth down and 6. Jarrett Lee had to scramble and never had a chance to throw the ball. I'm sure the plan was not for him to run and he picked up 2 yards. This one is over. On third down, Terrence Toliver dropped a pass over the middle after being hit which would have picked up the first.1:22: Jarrett Lee was injured when sacked by Nick Fairley and is out of the game. Jordan Jefferson came in and has LSU moving, although he was just sacked by Fairly, who is creating havoc in the LSU backfield. He's the guy who knocked out Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett last week. Jefferson got off a 15yard run. LSU is second and 16 at the Auburn [url=http://www.seahawksfootballproshop.com/25_Richard_Sherman_Authentic_Jersey.html]Nike Richard Sherman Navy Jersey[/url] 40.
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But he's probably smart [url=http://classactpainters.com/gf/]maillot black christian louboutin sz. 7[/url] enough to value above all the artists who always show up for the long shot that is a new play.But the Lord works in mysterious [url=http://www.jnwangtong.com]louboutin 2012 brillantini[/url] ways and in act two [url=http://www.glentruim.com/st/]christian louboutin asteroid outlet shoes for sale[/url] our understanding of what happened in that scene is upended. Donaldo is the one having a crisis of conscience and Chester has been placed in his path to save the politician. Donaldo is doing business with the bank CEO (a not overly oily Jordan Lage) who wants Donaldo to support a $300 million mall in the Bronx. Chester knows it's a soulsucking enterprise with minimum wage jobs that in a way is exactly what his community doesn't need. But making such a highprofile project work could be [url=http://www.sawmill-creek.com/sc.php]black lady daf christian louboutins[/url] his stepping stone to the mayor's office or even the governor's mansion. And of course once he's in power, then Donaldo could really make a difference. [url=http://www.leedsconcerts.co.uk]ugg sale uk[/url] So why not compromise now?Those are weighty ideas but Storefront Church only really finds its footing in that wonderful scene at the end [url=http://www.treez.co.uk]ugg boots nordstrom[/url] of the act one and during part of the climactic sermonizing that ends the show. In between Pinkins and Dishy and the rest nail their comic lines and try to anchor the broad moments in reality.But the play feels too schematic, as if Shanley decided he wanted to talk about the real estate bubble and then worked his way backwards to these people, this story. Grenier is a wonderful actor but he can only do so much to humanize the broad brushstrokes that are the loan officer, though God knows he makes the most out of lines like "I really don't understand." Lage is good as the wily capitalist but having him demolish a gingerbread house piece by piece with rapacious glee is hitting the nail on the head too neatly.Also floundering is that loan officer. He feels literally dead inside, lost and alone, stumbling through the detritus of his life and waiting for the release of death.Storefront Church Testifies(By the way, I don't necessarily agree with the show's economic outlook about a new mall in a depressed neighborhood. But then proposing a waste treatment facility or some such thing would have been too heavyhanded, so there's no pleasing some people, is there?)Then Donaldo walks into the storefront church where Chester sits quietly in the dark, struggling. In an electrifying and absorbing scene, these two sterling actors confront each other. Here's what's happening, we think: Chester is having a crisis of faith and Donaldo has been sucked into his [url=http://aadayspa.com]Christian Louboutin Volpi[/url] life so Chester can be woken out of his slumber.Until now, the play has wavered in and out of focus. Shanley is too talented not to provide some humor and vivid characters. But the tone is all over the map and some of the characters especially the twitchy, facially deformed loan officer who was shot in the face by his (now ex) wife feel like "characters" instead of people.While it was good to see Donaldo taking up the mantle of his father and preaching, [url=http://smithpanh.com/ts/]louboutin maggie 140mm gold us website[/url] if only for a little while, where was Chester's big speech at the end? It seems anticlimactic that Chester was more like a counselor leading an AA meeting than a preacher. He was opening his church at the finale, set free by a God who had a plan for him and had finally revealed it. Jones was so good in act one, I was waiting to hear him unleash some Holy Ghost Power at the end. His moment never came.The play goes for a cinematic effect during two awkward scenes: in each one, a character (first the loan officer and then Donaldo) are seen outside by a bench, wordlessly dealing with their pain and confusion as music swells in the background (one song is by Antony and the Johnsons, the other was unknown to me). It didn't help that the background showing the city skyline by set designer Takeshi Kata was a little too stylized for my tastes. I was too aware of it as a pretty backdrop. The [url=http://centrical.co.uk]http://centrical.co.uk[/url] sets in general were solid, but cinematiclike scenes such as these either work completely or don't at all. These didn't.Shanley is blessed with an ideal cast and directs them ably moment to [url=http://www.treez.co.uk]uggs dillards[/url] moment; they elevate this work with their [url=http://leausuisse.com]leausuisse.com[/url] fullhearted performances. With their help, maybe he can refocus and find the right tone and story. When it comes [url=http://www.sawmill-creek.com/sc.php]2013 turquoise pumps[/url] to the predatory loan practices of the meltdown or the faceless greed of Big Business, maybe a little less preaching? Because when Shanley puts all those machinations aside and finds two men in a room, struggling with themselves to understand what God wants [url=http://perks4us.com]Christian Louboutin Filo[/url] from them (or even just what they want from themselves), why [url=http://www.PropertyConnectDirect.co.uk]sale ugg boots[/url] that's when you [url=http://xnailbiting.com]Christian Louboutin Bourriche[/url] hear the rhythm of that old time religion, the one Shanley believes in: theater.
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